Individual Rights: Request Submission

Verification of Identity

Macerich requires verification of your identity to process this request. Information provided will only be used for the purposes of confirming your identity.

Are you making this request for yourself or on behalf of someone else? *

Individual Requestor

Enter your name, email, and telephone number. This information will serve as Macerich's method of contact for your request and primary verification mechanism.

Identify the authority by which you are making this request and the means by which you will verify the authorization. *

Individual/Data Subject

Enter the name, email, and telelphone number of the individual about whom this request is being made. This information may be used to verify the individual's identity, where required.

Identify the context by which information may have been collected. *

Personal Data Specification - Optional

By default, Macerich will provide access to, deletion of, or correction of records which can be linked to the verification information provided. If your access, deletion, or correction request is related to specific pieces of information, identify them below. If Macerich may hold additional information on the identified Requestor or Individual/Data Subject, you may list the other data categories or individual data pieces below (e.g. other email addresses, mailing address, etc.). Additional verification may be required before the request can be processed.

Appeal Declaration

If you are making an appeal of a decision regarding a previous request, please specify the basis for the petition for review below.