Sustainability Creating Properties with Purpose.

We continue our progress toward industry-leading environmental goals to meet the needs of our communities we serve and honor our financial responsibility.

Our Commitment

We operate properties that “walk the walk” in stewarding our natural resources for our guests, investors, tenants, industry partners, employees, communities and the planet.

That is why we are committed to our goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030. To learn more about our progress and our consideration of double-materiality in our ESG-related business decisions, view Macerich's Corporate Responsibility Report.

Corporate Responsibility Report

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ESG Summary

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Our Environmental Strategy

Macerich’s environmental objective is to achieve carbon neutrality and champion industry-wide change. We are charging forward to create the most resilient and attractive properties with the least environmental impact.

  • Achieve carbon neutrality by 2030
  • Achieve 50% reduction in water consumption by 2030
  • Generate 15% of total energy consumption from on-site renewable and clean sources by 203

2022 Highlights

35%Portfolio's Energy Derived from Clean or Renewable Resources

37%Solid Waste Reduction

Achieved 2025 Goal in 2022

12%Market-Based Carbon Emissions Reduction Year-Over-Year

24MGallons of Water Reduced Year-Over-Year

Equal to More than 37 Olympic-Sized Swimming Pools

ESG Scorecard

#23 in On-Site Generation

#1 Ranking U.S. Retail, Retail Centers A Disclosure

Quality Score

(As of April 17, 2023)

  • Environmental: 1
  • Social: 1
  • Governance: 1

Scale: 1 is the lowest investment risk and highest possible score

A List

Leed-Certified Designations

Broadway Plaza • Santa Monica Place • Tysons Corner Center - Tysons Tower

VITA Tysons Corner Center

BREEAM USA-Certified Properties

Danbury Fair • Deptford Mall • FlatIron Crossing • Green Acres Mall • Kierland Commons • Kings Plaza • Queens Center • Scottsdale Fashion Square • Twenty Ninth Street • Tysons Corner Center • The Oaks

IREM® Certified Sustainable Properties

Chandler Fashion Center • Deptford Mall • FlatIron Crossing • Freehold Raceway Mall • Twenty Ninth Street

Our Plan for Carbon Neutrality

Achieving carbon neutrality requires a combination of strategic planning, stakeholder collaboration and bold near-term decision-making. Macerich pursues our goal by engaging all departments across our Company to consider the potential costs, impacts and benefits of reducing the environmental footprint of our properties and business operations. Our strategic path to carbon neutrality by 2030 includes:

Carbon Neutrality

  • Utility and Procured Renewable Energy  
    Through partnership with local and national clean energy providers
  • Reduced Utilization
    Through capital investments in clean-energy technology
  • Carbon Offsets and Renewable Energy Credits 
  • Additional Hard Energy Assets
    Including solar, energy storage and other on-site energy sources