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The shopping experience.

A well-positioned lifestyle center located in the highly desirable coastal city of Santa Barbara, La Cumbre Plaza offers a wide range of shops in a unique outdoor shopping environment.

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Total square feet

Affluent Neighbors

$121,883 avg primary trade area household income

Market Serving

High-end lifestyle shops fulfilling local needs


Total trade area


121 South Hope Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

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General Information

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*The tax bills under this link are provided for informational purposes only. Macerich, Macerich Management Company, Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries make no representations, warranties or guaranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this link. Any reliance upon the information contained herein without independent verification is at your sole risk.

Tenant Package

Tenant Package
*The TENANT PACKAGE includes each and every file (as modified, supplemented, updated or amended) included within the Sign Criteria, Design Criteria and Construction Criteria boxes listed under the Tenant Package section of this website. Tenant, its contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, employees and agents are required under the terms of tenant’s lease to comply with the terms of each and every one of the files within the Sign Criteria, Design Criteria and Construction Criteria sections of the Tenant Package as applicable to the referenced location.

Specialty Leasing



Leasing Manager

Jenn Waldenmaier
(424) 229-3507

VP, Leasing (Peripheral and Large Format)

Aaron Keswick
(424) 229-3530

Manager, Restaurant Leasing

Jessica Janes
(424) 229-3542

AVP, Tenant Coordination

Aaron Pratt
(602) 953-6750

Manager, Specialty Leasing

Nichole Silva
(805) 642-0605