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Social Responsibility

Getting involved. Giving back. Going further together.

Community Involvement

What matters to our communities and to our employees drives our "Uniquely Macerich" approach to social responsibility.

It all starts with local priorities. Each Macerich property develops its own customized program for supporting community interests, including employee volunteerism, financial support, in-kind donations and partnerships with local nonprofit organizations.

The efforts we support – and how we do it – are as individual as
our one-of-a-kind properties. Take a look at how our locally connected properties give back.

Employee Engagement

At Macerich, we recognize the value in strengthening our workforce with diverse thought, ideas and people. We strive to create an inclusive, comfortable work environment that fosters growth and promotes work-life balance. We work to develop not only great properties, but to offer fulfilling opportunities and help people develop great careers. Macerich is committed to diversity, recognition and inclusion, and continues to develop social initiatives that encourage cultural education and activities to expand diversity and encourage inclusion within our company.

Macerich Volunteer Program

Created by our employees, the Macerich Volunteer Program (MVP) is another powerful way we support our local communities. Every employee has a bank of 24 hours each year to volunteer during work hours.

Local property and office teams choose the projects and nonprofit organizations they are passionate about, and they can apply for MVP grants to bolster their volunteerism with financial support. To date, this has meant more than $1.9 million and the numbers keep growing.

Corporate Commitment

Beyond our local focus, Macerich also has a strong corporate commitment to supporting a broad range of meaningful causes. We are proud to partner with a diverse complement of nonprofit organizations.