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Operations Manager or Senior Operations Manager

Santa Monica Place
Posted Aug 12, 2019

Position Description:

 The Operations Manager is responsible for the cost effective operation, care, preventative maintenance, and long-term preservation of center’s physical assets.  The Operations Manager enhances the value of the property by coordinating and directing all assigned direct reports or vendor based resources to provide a pleasant, attractive and safe environment for customers and retailers. The Operations Manager collaborates with Retailer, Real Estate, Leasing and City of Santa Monica to develop a store design which incorporates both retailer and Santa Monica Place design requirements.  The Operations Manager communicates and coordinates with all other departments, retailers, corporate partners and governmental agencies, as necessary, in order to achieve results.  The Operations Manager works with security department head to ensure safety and security of all patrons, tenants and employees.  Works closely with Santa Monica Police Department to schedule and effect training exercises at the property. The Operations Manager partners with the AVP, Property Management in the development and implementation of all strategic initiatives and any other mall related programs, as required.

Essential Job Functions:
Physical Assets
•Manages, per agreements, all in-house and/or outsourced service provider contracts in the performance of Landlord housekeeping and maintenance work. 
•Provides CAD drawings to team members in conjunction with event planning and retailer presentation.  
•Assist Leasing in retailer meetings to insure design criteria of center is understood prior during lease negotiations and approved design is executed during retailer design and construction phase of project. 
•Implement and administer all preventative maintenance programs, including all required log and records with service providers.
•Maintain a comprehensive system of inventory management for all supplies and equipment.
•Oversee all physical assets to ensure that they are maintained in the most economically efficient manner.
•Collaborate with Assistant Operations Manager to track and monitor all work orders, as provided by the TFS provider, to ensure completion.  This includes internal and outsourced work.
•Conduct regular inspections of all common area facilities/systems and report results to AVP, Property Management.  Review building operations and procedures and provide advise/guidance/recommendations on mechanical and construction related issues.
•Develop and implement the property’s safety program.
•Inspect and communicate property policies and procedures to tenant to ensure compliance of general aesthetics, standards of the common area, merchant storefronts, mall related physical issues and any special operational problems or activities.  Respond to tenant inquiries, complaints and/or suggestions.  
•Ensure that all BD initiatives are administered, supported and enforced under the guidelines of the agreements or regulations.

Sustainability and Energy Control
•Supervise the field implementation of the Macerich Sustainability and Strategic Energy Plan: to track and conserve energy use, protect the environment, lower utility costs, monitor and report on policies and practices, and promote social responsibility.
•Manage all energy management systems to ensure daily optimal operational efficiency. This includes the proper operation and maintenance of the physical assets of the system, vendor software maintenance and upgrades, and the correct scheduling of lights, HVAC, and all other appropriate applications
•Maintain awareness of new technology and trends in mechanical/facility operations to ensure optimal energy conservation. 
•Conduct load studies and meter readings, in coordination with Loyalton and E.M.S. efforts.

•Assist the AVP, Property Management with the development/creation of the annual operations expense forecast and related financial goals.
•Maintain a complete understanding of the P-card and invoice approval policies and procedures.
•Review and approve all financial and expense documentation, as directed by company policy.  
•Manage the administration of approved budgets with a proactive approach to identify opportunities for improved performance and cost savings within center’s operations.  Focus on minimizing expenses by efficient use of work force and materials.  
•In coordination with the AVP, Property Management and/or the Macerich Risk Management department, work to ensure that compliance is maintained concerning applicable insurance requirements, including the center’s liability and property insurance carriers.
Capital and CAM Projects
•Assist the VP, Operations Manager and AVP, Property Management in the development of the owner and capital expense forecasts.  Help identify and update capital planning needs for the property.   
•Solicit, obtain and analyze competitive bids to evaluate costs for equipment, components and all projects.  Utilize the CAPEX bidding process for all related projects.
•Maintain documentation and copies of all CAPEX, construction and other project bids processes, as directed by company policy.
•Coordinate all capital and owner related construction issues/projects, working with the VP Operations and the AVP Property Management.
•Assist with the negotiation, approval, and monitoring of all executed contracts.

EHS Programs
•Be fully responsible for the implementation and compliance of the EHS and safety program to include administration, management, and tacking all aspects of the program.  Communicate with tenants regarding hazardous waste, asbestos, and emergency procedures,  Review (with documentation) all environmental policies with mall employees and TFS Providers, to include MSDS, hazardous waste, chemical inventory and emergency response. 
•Serve as the primary role of the mall safety coordinator.  Provide leadership for the company’s safety programs and policies, enforce all employee safety regulations, and conduct safety meetings with written minutes. 
•Conduct periodic inspections of the facility for safety hazards that could affect employees, merchants, and/or customers and correct hazards as necessary to ensure a safe working environment for all associates.  Work to mitigate overall risk at the property and ensure optimum safety conditions.

Tenant Coordination  
•Supervise all tenant and landlord construction projects.  Serve as the primary liaison, coordinate relationships between mall team, merchants, contractors, architects, inspector and local agencies and officials.  Seek ways to enhance the value of the center.
•Assist retailer with local building codes, permit processes and current environmental issues, as related to the center.
•Provides team with CAD drawings as requested.
•Understands blue line drawings and required processes, to include Oracle and Buzzsaw.
•Retain permanent records of all development, utility and construction documents.  Forward any development or Tenant plans/drawings to Tenant Coordination for scanning, if not already submitted.      
•Work with Retailers to insure compliance with the center Tenant Construction Criteria on storefront design, HVAC and life safety systems.
•Conduct pre-construction and subsequent follow-up meetings with tenant contractors to regulate compliance with Rules & Regulations, specific lease requirements and timely completion of construction, as stipulated by Tenant Coordination. 
•Oversee for Tenant Construction the collection of charges, fines and penalties issued during the construction period

Requirements and Qualifications:
•Must demonstrate proficiency in utilizing all the Company provided tools such as:  Computer, Portal use and knowledge, Oracle Systems, etc.
•Ability to use CAD software and understand and articulate design and architectural concepts and elements.  
•Strong Engineering mindset with the ability to quickly learn the facilities infrastructure and capabilities.
•Must exhibit fiduciary responsibility and participate in creating annual budgets, quarterly projections and be accountable for maintaining strict budget compliance.
•Ability to read, interpret, and enforce contract provisions with property vendors, as well as leasing provisions for tenants.
•Demonstrate the ability to professionally work directly with city and retail professionals.  
•Must demonstrate/utilize professional performance in personnel management and motivation.
•Must demonstrate/utilize professional skill level in communications, both written and oral.
•Must process a thorough knowledge of property operations, construction and development related areas.
•Be a self-starter and require little motivation and supervision.
•Must have a valid driver’s license
•Ability to lift up to 20 lbs.
•Ability to climb vertical ladders in excess of 20 feet.
•Must be able to read blueprints.
•Must possess knowledge of building codes.
•Have the acumen to navigate a complex environment of stakeholders, including city officials, politicians and neighboring downtown businesses.
•Production management, including sound, lighting and stage management desired.
•All applicants must be able to perform the essential functions of the position, including corresponding core job requirements, with or without a reasonable accommodation. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities (and others in accordance with applicable law) to perform the essential functions of the job, consistent with applicable laws and Company policy.