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Revenue Expeditor, Tenant Coordination

Santa Monica Corporate
Posted Jul 26, 2019

Position Description:

Working closely with Tenant Coordination and Leasing, the role of the Revenue Expeditor is to manage space inventory to minimize downtime and accelerate tenant openings prior to the budgeted date.

Essential Job Functions:
•Analyze data in the Leasing Assumption and “Scobusey” reports and provide feedback to the stakeholders to minimize inventory downtime.
•Review accuracy of data compiled in the budgets and provide strategies to meet critical dates.
•Review leases, analyze Global Tracking, provide insight into Municipality requirements and understand realistic construction timelines.
•Liaise between Leasing and Tenant Coordination to accelerate deals; provide suggestions to achieve critical path milestones.
•Work with Specialty Leasing to optimize occupancy.
•Quantify revenue gains/losses for evaluation and reporting purposes. 

•High school diploma.
•College degree preferred, but not required.
•Experience working with Leasing and/or Tenant Coordination.
•Strong analytical skills and a broad understanding of internal business processes.
•All applicants must be able to perform the essential functions of the position, including corresponding core job requirements, with or without a reasonable accommodation. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities (and others in accordance with applicable law) to perform the essential functions of the job, consistent with applicable laws and Company policy.