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Carts and Kiosks
The Specialty Leasing Program offers local and national business people as well as entrepreneurs from all avenues a unique opportunity to be part of the mall environment without the risk and expense of a longer-term lease.

Macerich tailors leases to specific term requirements: one day, two months, up to one-year agreements can be generated giving the flexibility needed to expand, test or start up a new business venture.

Macerich Properties provide a state-of-the-art retail-merchandising unit (RMU) for leases in common areas of our shopping centers. For businesses geared toward traditional mall space, Macerich offers turnkey, in-line store spaces, built out and move-in ready.

Need visual merchandising assistance?
Macerich can help with that as well. 

Looking for marketing programs or advertising opportunities in-mall?
Macerich has a menu of opportunities for consideration.

Macerich programs are designed to make it easy to enter into short-term leases at a reasonable startup cost, affording businesses the opportunity to focus on building business, while keeping abreast of what’s new and cutting edge to ensure brands and/or products are positioned for success in a Macerich Shopping Center.