Olivia Bartel Leigh draws upon a breadth of skills and real estate industry experience to lead the property management team in the Southwest, and the risk management team portfolio-wide. In addition to overseeing all property operations in the Southwest, Ms. Leigh leads a team focused on mitigating the full range of risk issues for the company's physical, capital and human assets. Ms. Leigh is also responsible for safety programs across Macerich's operations.

Joining Macerich in 2005, Ms. Leigh was previously the Vice President, Risk Management and as well managed human resources work in the Pacific Northwest. Having experience in a variety of different disciplines throughout the Company, Ms. Leigh brings a broad perspective to her property operations responsibilities.

Ms. Leigh has more than 20 years of risk management and operational experience in the commercial and retail real estate industry, including her role as Director of Risk Management for Catellus Development Corporation and leasing work for Grubb & Ellis Company. A California native, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.